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In 2013, Emma published her first mystery novel, Blind Sight Solution,  and she has been writing ever since. Her ninth Claire Burke mystery, When Justice Fails, is now out and her tenth, Sliding into Death, will be available soon. 

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And Along Came Alexis

Just published!

This book tells the story of our family’s journey to date with our daughter, Alexis, and how  together we have grappled with the profound challenges that she faces in order to make a satisfying life for her and for us.

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Why Write a Blog?

Why am I writing a blog? I want to share a fairly unique situation and to hear from others who can relate and may have something to add.

What is this situation? My husband, Joe, and I continue to live with our adult daughter, Alexis. What is so special about that? Alexis faces multiple challenges such as: severe epilepsy, spastic quadriplegia and cortical blindness, to name a few.


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The Claire Burke Mystery Series

Their suspenseful plots will appeal to all readers but particularly animal lovers, romantics and anyone who has a person with special needs in their life. These phenomenal murder mysteries are cleverly written and will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. They are fresh and exciting and definitely recommended!
Kathy Talwar
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